About PLP



PLP was established on January 17, 2014. The official commercial launch was on November 15, 2014 where both wholesale and retail activities took place in Vientiane Capital, Vientiane and Luang Prabang Provinces.

Our Vision

PLP strives to be the leading comprehensive petroleum service provider with the most service coverage throughout the country where we provide not just a service but a lifestyle. PLP will work hand in hand with the communities for a better livelihood and environment.

Mission Statement

PLP is a private owned and operated business offering customers with 100% satisfaction with the entrenched belief in customer centric service and creative thinking. Through a well-trained staff we provide our customers with incomparable reliability and comfort. PLP will build a lasting legacy by providing exceptional customer service and service coverage.

Value Statement

PLP is dedicated to:

  • always operate our business with integrity and honesty
  • provide high quality petroleum and convenience.
  • place our customers’ needs above our own
  • promote personal and career growth of all staff with an aim to build future leaders.
  • actively be part of the community development and environmental preservation.


PLP business strategy is to provide a comprehensive and one-stop service centre where great life style begins. PLP aims to provide the most service coverage and easy access throughout Lao PDR. PLP also plans to expand its services to the international market such as China.